Hole in One

Sport 1995 Dos Dosbox Digitek Golf

Well produced 3D golf sim

If you wanted a golf game form the early 90s that was serious, very business oriented, this one will surely offer you exactly that kind of thing. Thus, Hole in One is a game that knows what it needs to offer you to give you just the right kind of gameplay experience, so as to make you really sink into it. Graphically, while the 3D is stationary, it is nonetheless very detailed. Thus, if you want your graphics to be relatively realistic, without no cutesy kind of things or other cartoony elements, this will be it. It's a game for those that want a maturely themed game, that takes itself seriously. The mechanics of it are however, the classic golf ones, the ones you've seen before in arcade titles, but they are well done and work without issues. So, yeah, play it if you loved SimGolf and want something as serious as that. It's still an arcade experience, but it's a well produced one, that creates a very enticing game for serious digital golfers out there! Also, it features player models that are serious, so no cutesy animated characters here, if you can't stomach that.

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