Action 1995 Dos Millennium Interactive Cartoon Shooter

Sloppy, almost unplayable shooter thing

I sort of understand H.U.R.L.'s problem: it needed to be a shooter like game, but at the same be non violent since it needed to be produced for kids, sort of like a no age restrictions game for a cereal box. Unfortunately, the developers must have really hated the idea, because the execution is unbelievably sloppy, to the point that the game is in a class of its own making in terms of awfulness! Still, for some reason, once you start it and find the first few bugs you feel compelled to find out how much more broken the game can be! It's like a zoo for broken game mechanics, which, if you're like me, will keep you interested for about 5 minutes and then you'll have had enough of it! Graphically? Hehe! It's like someone was handed the least appealing set of graphical assets and told to sprinkle them around, all sense and all sensibility out the window. It sure is worth seeing, it's like a bad dream meets the cute police! Anyway, if you can manage install it, have a giggle, (at least the installer works fine, hehe!) and then, I dunno, play an actual game! Like Postal 2 for instance, but make sure you're about 18!

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