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2D scrolling platform with fun

Sometime you got nice surprise from almost unknown game. Well, Spirou is a 2D side scrolling platform game which is quite underrated despite the fun and thrill it provides, so, you can download it and play without any regret. It is very much like the Lucky Luke which is also great fun and full of thrill. The plot in the game is that you have to rescue s scientist from an evil organization which aims to use his invention for the purpose of spreading chaos and taking over the world. So you role in the game is that of a rescuer who needs to go through a lot of levels and enemies to ultimately reach the desired goal. The game is based on a novel and it involves the fun antics that are written in it. The fun elements in the game have been incorporated with a lot of details and timing and they perfectly match to the gameplay. The graphics are cartoon like and very colorful which is exactly what the theme of the game requires. The character modelling is also very good and it really well defined. The same can be said about the user interface because it is very intuitive and simple. The A1 maintains a level of competitiveness to keep the interest going and makes this game a good classic.

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