Royal Flush Pinball

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Amtex Pinball

Colorful and sleek pinball sim!

It seems that during the early and mid 90s, digitized versions of pinball machines were either trying to evolve, as this game here does, or were stuck in a graphics loop that just made them look and feel outdated. But, as I said, this one game is one of the better 2D pinball ones out there. It is indeed 2D, but the colors, the design elements and the interactivity is top notch. The SVGA sharp graphics can be impressive even today, in that 2D oldschool style, but it is by no means a blunderbuss of nasty elements, but quite on the contrary, a reunion of great looking elements. But, as we all know, a pinball game is as good as the story it manages to tell, the way it manages to capture your attention. Well, the tables in this one are based around card games, a really interesting choice that is translated into visual and gameplay themes that do take their cues from all sort of card games. That is why, if you're a card games fanatic this game will doubly feel great to play for you. Alternatively you can go for Pinball Dreams 1 or 2 which are just as nice, with the second one having enough psychedelic juices to feel really great overall.

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