Puzzle 1995 Windows Fox Interactive Arcade style Action based

Sentinel like puzzler, with its own unique twist

When it comes to games that simulate a certain type of mechanic, in a very symbolic manner, one game pops to mind before others: Sentinel, a game that some would call a very simplified strategy, but at close scrutiny it reveals itself to be a puzzle game. Well, that very same simple manner of looking at the core mechanic is what Icebreaker has for itself, and the nod to Sentinel is furthermore substantiated by the fact that the graphic representation of the units is similar, pyramid style. But, there is a more substantial difference between Sentinel and Icebreaker gameplay wise: within this game you are guiding a pyramid towards a marked position while the others stalk you. So, you can take this symbolic representation and think of it as you want to: maybe it's a game simulating an escape, maybe it is a game that simulates being chased. However you choose to think of it, that matters little: in the end the game puts you I a strategic type of mindset, and it is in that that the game shows its strength. So, while you can philosophize as long as you want to, what Icebreaker does is to keep you thinking of your best route, an activity that can be very stress relieving, though at the same time, mind sharpening. So give it a try if you love puzzles that will improve your special thinking, memory and acuity of thinking up your routes.

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