Cybercon 3

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox U.S. Gold Shooter Science Fiction

An underrated shooter

After a murderous AI computer system unleashes the Apocalypse upon the Earth in a hail of nuclear missiles and robotic weaponry, humanity is reduced to hiding in the shadows. However, when one last chance to regain the planet is discovered in the form of the location of the computer's central brain stem, it falls to one plucky hero and a powered maintenance exoskeleton to save the day. Groundbreaking for its time, Cybercon 3 is a full 3D, first person adventure where players must evade or destroy the robotic guardians of the psychotic computer in its underground complex, exploring mazes and canyons as they go. A number of inventive weapons and support systems aid in this quest, including remote pilot cameras, the ability to self-repair, and the heavy bazooka. This last item comes in particularly handy for taking out the various robotic enemies to be faced, the AI of which is actually surprisingly advanced. While the unsophisticated graphics, with their lack of textures and detail, may put some off, to do so would be to miss out on an underrated gem. Despite its age, it features an impressive range of environments which are fun to explore, and although less action-oriented than a traditional shooter, it scores highly for its tactical and puzzle elements which add a great deal of depth. Innovative and engrossing, Cybercon 3 is definitely one to check out if you are after something different from the usual Doom or Wolfenstein clones.

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