It Came from the Desert

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Cinemaware Mystery

Alien themed, B movie like adventure

It Came from the Desert puts forth a story that amasses a number of B movie like elements, some which have to do with aliens, some that have to do with alien probes and an impending invasion. However, the pulp like tone never gets too egregious, it remains well within its limits, and puts forth a cool backdrop for a host of puzzlers, some of them more interesting, some of them rather tame and unoriginal. At any rate, no matter what you are interested in, what type of puzzle makes you tick, you are bound to find at least a few that will capture you attention and offer you a good enough ride. Graphically, we are still looking at a game released in the late 80s, which means a rather limited palette of colors, and overall nice but nothing to special. However, the landscapes depicted look rather ok, in this particular space, and the occasional shooting sequences will feel at home in this particular visual setting. So, if you like adventures in general and have a weak spot for insectoid alien stories, It Came from the Desert will offer a great experience, worth a go.

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