Presumed Guilty

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Cosmi Corporation Mystery

Fun for an interactive fiction game; satisfying

Presumed Guilty is a pretty well done, pretty satisfying and with a cool story interactive fiction. Gratitudes for the developers for finding it in themselves to rid the game of the old school parser interface, and allowing smoother, input based controls. Basically Presumed Guilty is a game where you want to experience all the different ideas of the game, from a very single minded position; your choices, which are quite basic, like in a choose your own adventure kind of game will allow you the time to keep playing without issues. Adding value to it, and something unexpected for an IF, Presumed Guilty contains puzzles as well. The main plot line is that you have to save the president, and, in order to make sense of the story better, you should play President is Missing, the prequel to this one, and a similar IF game. Anyway, it's a great IF, classic, and with an engaging story, that will remind you of really cool thriller novels, of the Clancy genre, while letting you immerse yourself in the decision making process.

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