The Third Courier

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Accolade Mystery First person

Adventure in which you play a NATO courier

In this game you will play as a NATO spy, tasked with retrieving some NATO war plans. The game plays as your regular oldschool adventure game, which translates to a lot of pixel hunting, a lot of talking to characters, but also puzzles that have you trying to evade capture, trying to disguise yourself and generally try and be as good a tracker as possible. This tracking portion is the most consistent of them all, which means that you will be capable of using Agent 007 types of devices and other such things to make sure you reach your targets and capture them. For an adventure game, the fact that it includes difficulty levels is a bit of a weird thing, but it makes sense since some of the puzzles are more action oriented than most others, which translates to you having to learn a set of actions and go with it, over and over again. Overall, The Third Courier is an alright looking game, maybe a bit on the not so good in terms of visual real estate, and by that I mean that the action plays in a small window. But, well, it kind of makes sense given the age of the game, and that isn't as unnatural as it might sound. Surely worth a go.

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