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Jetset...without Willy! Flight sim with ASCII graphics

JetSet is a rather primitive, early days ASCII based flight game, and, in spite of its rather simple graphics it actually looks pretty nice. You control this little plane, that is seen from above, and that you have to complete a whole load of missions. Don't expect the missions to come with a lot of story about them; nope, they are just missions coming one after the other, in a row, and, for the most part they are pretty similar; this means that you will never have missions that are so different from one another that they feel as if they were trying to cover the entire palette of flight gaming. Also, what the game does well enough is the controls, which are immediate. And so, even if this is a BASIC game, in terms of the language used to program it, it's still pretty well done, and if you like simple, straightforward, no frills oldie games, this one too can be it. Something similar is also Stunt Island, if you want actually good looking graphics and more original missions. JetSet is just a game that more or less shows that flight slims could be produced even as early as the 1980s, but otherwise it doesn't really can create something really extraordinary; it just doesn't have the space and the technology to do so.

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