Rugby Five Nations Edition

Sport 1992 Dos Audiogenic Rugby

Well done, diverse early days rugby sim

Rugby Five Nations Edition is a top down rugby simulation/action game, which is build around the national teams of Scotland, England, Wales, Argentina and New Zeeland competition. Sure, you can have some other countries if you want, but it all depends on what team manages to qualify. Gameplay wise, Rugby Five Nations Edition is a direct, great action game, immediately playable, and also, the kind of game that is going to be very simple to look into, the kind that doesn't require the entire keyboard to play. The only problem I was greeted by, was the sound which is absolutely a nuisance. However, if you can look past this, you'll find that Rugby Five Nations Edition, even if kind of simple in structure, without fine and precision controls, offers you a definitive fun experience. Also, what Rugby Five Nations Edition does is greet you with absolutely beautiful 8bit graphics, that is, if you love the most simple of graphic styles. Else, you should download Wembley Rugby League, released a few years later, and all in all much more playable and modern.

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