Summer Games 2

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You got a pacakge of fun sports events

The game serves as a follow up to the very renowned and exciting Summer Games which gave users a lot of sports action in a single game. Being an improved and enhanced version to the franchise, the game gives you some new in depth features which make it even more fun to play. The first upgrade in the game is in terms of the gameplay because you now have 8 new events incorporated which involves some very good sports dynamics. They have added a touch of realism as well but have tried to keep the fun intact because many times realism can spoil the innovative fun. The system for computer players has been made aggressive and this has added a lot of competitiveness to the gameplay and has made it more intense and thrill. So now you will really enjoy winning a gold medal. In terms of the graphics, they have added a lot more details in terms of the color combination, the backgrounds along with very smooth and clear animations which are a very good. The controls like the previous version are very responsive and you can perform all the sports move in different events easily. To go for a different touch to sports games, you can try Winter Games.

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