RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Event Horizon Software Top down Fantasy

The first commercial game from Event Horizon Software

I always loved to play the games that were the infancy products of what would then become behemoths of gaming companies. In the case of the famed Blizzard Entertainment, creators of World of Warcraft and Starcraft, their games as Silicone and Synapse were really eye opening. Who hasn't played The Lost Vikings and felt that this was a simple and yet very promising game? Who hasn't seen the seed of future glories in the first Warcraft game? Now to get back to our game at hand, before Dreamforge was even named as such, and produced masterpieces such as the Ravenloft titles or the revered adventure Sanitarium, they were trying their hand at smaller productions: Anvil of Dawn, 101 Dalmatians ad even our game here Darkspyre. Darkspyre is a simple and yet very enticing top down RPG, with an accent on combat. The story is not memorable and is full of cliches and other such popular tropes. But, somehow it hints that the company has an eye and a will for something special, for something more grandiose. This can be felt in the little details that while unnecessary, still make it into the game world and that elevate this game from a mediocre one to an actually interesting and enticing one. So do give it a try, if for nothing else, but for the hints of future glories that it carries in seed.

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