The Fifth Element

Action 1998 Windows Activision Shooter Science Fiction

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Sci-fi game remake of movie

The Fifth Element, if you seen this film, either you loved it or hated it. I personally loved the movie quite a lot. I have even heard the film referred to as the 90's Star Wars. I had high expectations around this game, probably set a little too high as I was was such a fan of the film. You can play as two different characters from the film Leeloo and Korben Dallas. Playing as the character Leeloo, mainly does acrobatic flips and kicks; reminding me of the Lara Croft Tomb Raider series. Playing as Korben for some reason reminds me of one of the games in the Die Hard Trilogy game, most likely only because you play as Bruce Willis. When you get to play as Bruce Willis; that is when you get all the bad-ass guns, so these parts of the game is the most enjoyable to me. The graphics are good, however the gameplay is fairly horrendous. The game is also fairly difficult and unfortunately only using cheats makes the game flow more easily, as you will die a lot. The camera has no control and really just does what it wants. I would rather watch the movie, however this game is just passable and had plenty of potential that could have been elaborated on. The game at least sticks fairly close to the movie storyline. I would love to see a modern day remake of this game for Fifth Element fans.

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