Little Fighter 2

Action 2002 Windows Marti Wong Beat em up

Loaded beat them up with cute Japanese like characters

Little Fighter 2 is a beat em up, but it also has a bit more to it than your average punch dispenser game out there. One thing that it has that is not such a common theme with the style, is an array of player characters that will use more than just their fists, or some other objects of decor, you know, just occasionally. Nope, this one allows you to throw a great lot more punches about, with swords, with fire magic, and even fire arms. Like a bit of an RPG or action game. But nope, it doesn't go out of his way to be more than just a lenient scroll from left to right most of the time, kicking and punching, sure, but not a lot more. Graphically it's got not that exciting backgrounds, but if you're tired of bright Skittles like colors, this one will do. Also the characters, which look like cartoon children have a bit of Japanese styling to go for their own, which is also very nice. So, yeah, it's a simple game, a party based beat em up, and scroller up and down as well as left and right, like a Mario mash. It's totally worth playing, though; if you like beat em ups.

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