Pole Position 2

Racing 1987 Dos Dosbox Namco Arcade style

5 minutes and you re done with it, racer!

Don't get discouraged by my title: if you're looking for a bare boned racer, the front scrolling sprite based pseudo first person kind, this one is a pretty well done one. I mean, the game looks great, with clean graphics, just enough of a feel in the way the cars behave and an overall well executed gameplay/graphics system. I mean, in all honesty, I used to race this tenfold more abysmal racer, of the same sprite based kind on my ZX Spectrum and I still got a kick out of it! By contrast, this one would be a jewel in comparison. However, it's just that you have to rake a run in Outrun and you're kind of over this one, the seams begin to show much too much and the lack of inventiveness of the developers. I mean, what Outrun will show, or rather, contrast, is that there is a lot that can be tried in such racers, the developers just had to look a bit outside the box. This is not something that they did with this one. With this one they just concluded that they had enough after but a few curves and behaviors from the cars, things that just get reused ad infinitum in this one. So, no, while there are tenfold worse racers of this type that, in certain circumstances can be fun, in 2014 it's just a bit too little! Unless, of course, its minimalism is what you're looking for, case in which add one more point to the final sore and play it!

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