Lunar Commander 2

Simulation 1995 Dos VSCI Software Space flight

Enhanced version of eponymous lunar colony simulator

The first Lunar Commander game was a pretty well executed strategy/simulation/base builder, that allowed you to set a new colony on the Moon, and make all the necessary preparations to make sure it got all the necessary enhancements to support an increasing amount of individuals. While it sure was quite playable and lots of fun, ultimately it lacked polish and it lacked that feel that it was anything more than just an experiment, an idea waiting to happen. As such, when Lunar Commander 2 came in the mix, it didn't change the colonization idea of the original, instead it updated it pretty significantly, smoothing all the creases and adding a lot more content, to make it feel more feature complete and more easy to play. This second game, also tweaked the economic system on which everything else was based, from the price to material ratios to the amount of materials needed to build certain structures and so on. So, for a pretty nifty, not truly realistic, but also based on true economic ideas, Lunar Commander 2 is a great version of the game. Try it out!

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