Magic Carpet plus

Action 1995 Dos Electronic Arts Oriental 3D action adventure Shooter Fantasy

An expanded and graphically superior take on the original

Magic Carpet plus is the revised edition of the original Magic Carpet game. This edition was released in 1995 and was the equivalent of the current era HD remakes. However, to top it all off, the game also included 25 new levels as well as a different graphical theme for the original content. You could re skin the game with a winter inspired look which brought snow and ice and other winter inspired visual treats. Just like the original you play as a wizard mounted on a flying carpet. Your goal each level is to destroy monsters and other mischievous wizards. You also need to make sure that you have enough manna, which can be replenished by gathering it from each level, otherwise you won't be able to use your spells any more. The game has lots of different spells, for a total of 24, spells which add a tactical edge to your hunt, since each spell has its positive and negative aspects. Thus, you can't just spawn one and the same spell, you have to use them carefully and to combine them. The defensive spells used by your enemies have to be taken into consideration when you choose what to shoot with. This leads to an interesting game of rock paper scissors type strategy, and combined with the fast pace of the game, leads to some very interesting and stimulating skirmishes. So, if you want to experience the Magic Carpet type game, this later version is the one to go for. You'll get more of everything that defined the original and some cool original additions on the side.

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