Adult 1991 Dos Coktel Vision Role playing Interactive

Solitaire bundle; classic and very playable

Released in 93 this bundle contains a few classic Solitaire games, built around the idea of just revamping the classic game, with good visuals and good controls, plus a number of options to play the game in different settings. Thus, Fascination is a great companion for anyone that is interested in Solitaire, who likes a good looking game, and for anyone that is interested in games that are based around the idea of card shuffling, mixing about and more. So, have it in your collection, it will definitely not disappoint. The controls are pretty direct and don't cause any issues; you use the mouse to select and shuffle the cards and then to position them in the stack you want them. You can choose to discover three cards at a time or just one, you can choose to play with your time counted or not, you can choose to be scored in Vegas or simple mode, and your scores, when playing the score on toggled version are placed in the leader boards, so you can try and beat your own records or play against other players locally. Fun, classic, well realized, and thoroughly proper game for Solitaire aficionados.

Sexy, but that's all

Fascination is an adult-themed adventure game released in 1991 by Coktel Vision, popular for its educational and action projects. Fascination began with Emmanuelle, another early game by Coktel. The story is about a business man that invented a drug that increases the desire for sex. He was killed, and you get into the possession of the drug sample. You play a girl named Doralice, a flight attendant, that has to avoid being framed for the crime. The graphics are good for that era, the design is well-outlined and contain an appealing background based on nudity, uncensored dialogues and maybe a sex scene. I say maybe because I didn't finish it, or I will let this detail unrevealed in order to get your attention into playing it. The action is based on solving puzzles, and the locations are luxurious: hotels, nightclubs,mansions. In order to solve the puzzles, you have to use your inventory of items. The missions are simple but some of them involve some eccentric ways to complete the tasks, and you wonder about the strange procedures the bad guys have to make. I will give you a hint: whenever you barge into phone numbers, dates, and other numbers, write them down or remember them because they will come in handy in the future missions. The only good thing in this game is its sexiness, but I'm afraid that's all.

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