Cobra Mission

Adult 1992 Dos Dosbox MegaTech Software Role playing Interactive

Excellent adult RPG

It's a hard time in Cobra city, panic is all over the coast of Florida, but you, Jr., is there to solve the crimes and bring peace in the city. It's not a game for kid, you will have to discover several strange thing happening in an atmosphere of lust, violence and sex. Girls are disappearing and it seems to be the mob Kaiser the main responsible of this. And you know which is the way the girls will thank you after freeing them up. As said in the review before, this is a real adventure game with very entertaining role-playing feature. Sure, you will be interacting with beautiful women and you'll see nudity and sex scene, but, the plot and storyline goes beyond this aspect. Pictures are quite fine, they were done with 1992 technology, and the top down view of the city will give you the availability to explore, find items, interact with other characters and finally solve the cases. Also, there is interaction in sex scenes, where you will have to make the girl reach the pleasure... so, all in all it's a wonderful adult role game, one of the best you can find. Otherwise, if it's hentai what you're looking for, try Paradise Heights or that kind of games.

Good adult features

A good game with good adult features. Cobra Mission is not the typical bishoujo game, but is a more intricated game with specific role playing features. You are an investigator in this Cobra City, and you will meet different character. Some of them will be particularly helpful and then, everything can happen...

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