Adult 1990 Dos Dosbox MDO Role playing Interactive

An odd erotic adventure game

Geisha stands at a strange intersection of gaming and eroticism. Released in 1990, you play as a female whose girlfriend has been kidnapped by a mad scientist out to turn her into a strange robotic geisha... yeah, it's pretty strange. Not a long game by any means, the plot is wacky and entertaining in a campy way, so if you enjoy a bit of craziness in your storylines you'd be right at home with Geisha. Your quest to Tokyo to rescue Eva (your girlfriend) brings you through a wide variety of strange locales wherein you meet a lot of strange, seedy characters. The puzzle segments of this adventure game are very odd, and you would need to have twisted or cracked mind in order to get these without some form of guide. Seriously, some of the puzzles are a little unorthodox. Though listed as an adult game, the erotic scenes inside of the game are generally pretty mild by today's standards, but at the time I could see it being a big deal because of the way the scenes are predicted. Though not a bad game, Geisha is interesting enough to warrant a playthrough just based on it's crazy storyline. Since you play the role of a female saving her female lover, it was ahead of it's time with having a lesbian main character, so it certainly earns kudos for that. Any fan of wacky adventure games should give Geisha a try, you may like it!

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