Mad Paradox

Adult 1992 Dos Queen Soft Anime Role playing Interactive

Drive to the adult RPG fantasy

Those who like adult role playing games will like this game. Although this game doesn't have exciting story or scenarios like other role playing games, this game has a lot of entertainment. You have to play this game and explore a small area full of naked women. Those who have played games like Eve Burst Error may like this game. It is a very easy game to play. Not many skills required to play this game. Just read the on screen instruction and continue playing. You have to play as Mash, a man who will explore the game. Later few characters will be added in this game. There are not many adventures in Mad Paradox if you are expecting that. It is a typical classic Hentai with very few adventures. Only the nude images can entertain young nothing else. So if you are looking for a great role playing game then this is not the game for you. If you want light entertainment then you will like this game. Sex is not violently implemented on this game so the light entertainment will entertain you.

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