Marine Fighters

Simulation 1995 Dos Electronic Arts Flight

Let's take to the skies

Unless you're a flight simulator fan with access to U.S. Navy Fighters, then there's absolutely no need for you to look at this. However, if you're both of the above, then this is a fine addition to your collection as it's an add-on to the aforementioned game which brings some very interesting and comprehensive additions to make a good game even better. Both this and the original veer towards the arcade side of flight simulators so if you're a hardcore fan who craves realism, this might not be for you, but if you want an accessible mix between authenticity and entertainment, then this is a good bet. The original gave you the usual options for a flight sim, with an interesting campaign, single missions and a mission creator to play around with, and here you have a variety of all new aircraft to try out, including the Harrier and Yak-141, while the appropriate carriers are also included. There are also new enemy aircraft but perhaps the biggest element is the campaign and extra map to fly on and which forms the meat of this expansion. For anyone with an interest in the base game, this is a must play. It retains all the features which made the original so enjoyable, with slick visuals, intense action and intuitive controls and expands on this with an array of great content. The new planes offer a good challenge to veterans, while the campaign features a compelling setup and an excellent variety of missions which are both stimulating and exciting to fly. The other fixes and enhancements are just the icing on the cake of a top notch expansion pack.

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