Deja Vu 2

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox ICOM Simulations Mystery First person

A bit pretentious but an inviting adventure nonetheless!

The one thing that you'll have to forgive Deja Vu 2 for is its early days color clashing use of mostly saturated colors. But, I guess, that was unavoidable, mostly because there wasn't such a vast color palette of colors to choose from, so, well, that had to be the case. The unfortunate problem is that this seemingly happy corner of the world tries to convey a story that is not really a hugs and kisses kind of fest, it's more on the bleak and nuances of grey kind of business. At any rate, Deja Vu 2 starts where the first one left us, and from there on it's a pseudo first person adventure click fest, with lots of minigames of the investigational kind. You'll have to find clues; you'll have to find ways to enter different spaces that require keys or workarounds of all sorts. It's a classic, none too imaginative, and at times maybe a bit too confident that it has given you all that is needed to progress. When in truth, that is not the case. So, if you can get over the graphical to story disconnect I was talking about above, pack a good walkthrough (good luck with that, this game wasn't that much of a hit, unfortunately!) and go on this Dick(ish!) Tracy adventure. And since I mentioned that particular private dick (sic!), see Dick Tracy: The Crime Solving Adventure, an okay game as well, though better than the Deja Vu 2 series, without question.

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