Visions of The Aftermath: Boomtown

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox Chivalry Software Strategic scope Futuristic

Ambitious and fascinating survival game

The Boomtown is a fascinating attempt at a post-Apocalypse survival game that mixes in RPG elements but which is unfortunately let down by a few annoying niggles and which stand in the way of it being a classic. The background to the game is nicely detailed, and describes how the world ended after The Bomb was dropped, with the fateful moment itself being referred to as The Day Time Stopped. In the aftermath of the disaster, the world has been left an irradiated wasteland populated by mutants, with natural disasters and sickness rampant. The player is thrown into this world with one simple task: survive. You can either use a pre-built world or create your own by defining elements such as the environment type, number of enemies, characters etc, as well as choosing the type of game you want to play. This can be a simple survival scenario or you can add in more complex elements to create more tension, with things like weather conditions adding to the challenge. Survival means learning how to take care of yourself, by hunting, finding water supplies, engaging in combat with the mutants ad attempting to rebuild the world by constructing shelter and roads. The Boomtown is certainly ambitious and makes for a fascinating experience for those looking for something different. Presentation is minimal, which is understandable given its age, but the array of options on display here mean that there is a good amount of replay value to be had from trying out various scenarios and setting yourself or other players challenges like surviving for the longest period. The game is let down by the rather poor combat, but apart from this and a few other niggles, this is definitely worth checking out when you're in the mood for some post-Apocalyptic survival shenanigans, in the vein of Scavengers of the Mutant World or Fallout.

A randomly generated post apocalyptic sim/RPG

Nope, Wasteland did not invent the post apocalyptic RPG, there were other games that did their bit prior to that. Anito was one of them and Visions of The Aftermath: Boomtown was another one as well. This later title took the road of the randomly generated game world, as each new game saw the production of a random new irradiated world. Thus, following the recipe of Rogue each of your escapades will be slightly different, some harder to survive, others less so. The game's survival nature kicked in from the very moment you started playing, as you had to manage your food, water supply, medicine, and try to acquire other tools as you went on. But, ultimately, what the game wanted of you was to achieve a self sustainability through the planting and tending of crops, which could be quite a challenge for you, given all the inherent dangers that were lurking in the wild. Nevertheless, the game was meant to be played for as long as you could manage to survive, and it had no end game that was prescribed, just you and your methods of survival against the harsh environment. Feeling up for the challenge? See how long you can survive the post apocalyptic world!

Wake up in a fallout shelter

Boomtown was never part of any series, and it is impossible to buy anything in the game. The premise is that you wake up in a fallout shelter after a nuclear exchange and have to rebuild your environment from scratch using books you find, primitive tools, and whatever is left in your shelter. This is a world-building kit.

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