Micro League Football Deluxe Edition

Sport 1992 Dos Micro League Football

American football game, in 2D, very well done

This game here, Micro League Football Deluxe Edition, runs on the gameplay engine that motorized the Micro League Football game too; however, what is changed more significantly is the amount of graphical detail that this particular game can withstand. If the older game could only support EGA graphics, this one has better colors, better animations, and, overall, a better produced set of interactions as well. As such, form all points of view, Micro League Football Deluxe Edition is a pretty nice game, not lastly because even the sounds are better, and are, seemingly, taken from the real sport and then digitized to be used in this game, without a lot of loss of quality. Each player in the game is defined here by 12 stats,, 12 player ratings, and, best of all, especially for a game released in 92, this one can be controlled via mouse controls without issues. If you can find the other so called data disks, expansions that added new players, you can play with even more players that cover players from other seasons, but, as it is, Micro League Football Deluxe Edition does a great job at giving you enough to have a sturdy and playable experience right out of the box/after you download it!

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