Unnatural Selection

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Maxis Software Organized forces Science Fiction

Creature breeder and management game

Unnatural Selection has the same appeal that only Tamagotchi was able to bring forth, though in a more portable fashion. But, to get the timeline right, this game here, precedes the Tamagotchi craze with a few years, and it also puts forth a more complex setoff interactions and options for the player to dive into. Thus, you get to play both the breeder as well as the manager of your collection of creatures. You can cross breed, you can select the exemplars that you like most, and you can create quite a few distinct creatures, before, as you would expect, boredom settles. The game doesn't have the most amazing graphics you could expect, but it is not half bad looking either, with relatively crisp graphics and clean interfaces. Give it a try if you'd like to see what types of creatures you could design but don't expect to sink in too many hours into it, it simply doesn't stand the test of time, unless, of course, you play in small chunks while only checking back to tinker with your favorite pet creature.

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