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Fair strategy game set in the future

Imperium is your regular economic, military and higher strategic command game. You will thus be playing in the role of the general, of the economist and of the skilled tactician. In terms of what the game offers, you will be given a different setting. This game takes place in a far future. Thus, the armies and the tech used are not that common and not that usual, though, in truth, the idea of rock/paper/scissors is at the heart of the game. But, the economic side of the game is just as important. You will not be able to amass an army if you do not pay attention to your harvesting. Therefore, striking an ideal balance between your units and their purpose on the battleground cannot so easily be done, though it will not be impossible either. In any case, Imperium is the kind of game you want to try just for the novelty of the retro futuristic theme. Retro because of the age of the game, futuristic as in the graphical and game feel/gameplay. It is certainly not for all strategists out there, but a few will find it a good option to play, extendedly, or for a few short skirmishes, to find out if the game is worth the time.

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