Andromeda Conquest

Strategy 1982 Dos Dosbox Avalon Hill Galactic War Empire management

RISK at a galactic level

If you love the RISK flavor of strategy games, then this one here might also capture your attention. Because Andromeda Conquest is a RISK like game but at very high levels, galaxies. To keep things compact, though and playthroughs accessible, the number of players that can play this one at any given time is maxed at 4, and so, even if the level at which the game cam be played is high, you don't risk getting lost and waiting for a cohort of moves from the adversary. However, this doesn't translate into short games, nope, it can take quite a while for a campaign to be decided, but nonetheless, Andromeda Conquest will keep you interested, with its brand of intergalactic chess! Graphically? Well, this is the least advanced portion of the game, and, since the entire code was written in BASIC, you can imagine that this game has quite a very little amount to show for itself. But you should give it a try, it's an old game, released in 82, and for strategists with a love for oddities and games that did a lot even in spite of crushing limitations, this one is a winner.

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