Ms Pac PC

Arcade 1995 Dos Magicom Multimedia Fan made remake Single screen Item collection

The lady Pac Man of the DOS PC!

Ms Pac PC is your faithful recreation of the Ms Pac Man arcader, which was an update and an upgrade of that original game, with just enough novelty to play great and twist the main gameplay mechanics a bit, but nothing so different that it changes it all up too drastically. Heck, I used to have this little keychain thingy with Pac Man in it, and so, anytime I get a chance to sink into a new iteration of Paccy (!), I'm definitely all for it. Also, what the game does great is create this almost the same, but ultimately, with sufficient, different bits and pieces, creating, which is why it works so fantastically well. Graphically, I'm afraid to say that Ms Pac PC doesn't really put a dent on the original arcader, being so-so graphically, quality wise. But, playabil8ty is high in this one, as high as that of the original, which is always a great thing to find out about a game like this. Granted, it's better in that it's less pixelated after all it was released for machines that were tenfold more powerful than the arcades of the day, but, you know, it just lacks that mystery of the original game. Anyway, give it a go, it won't disappoint.

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