Revenge of The Toys

Arcade 1997 Windows Piranha Interactive Single screen Item collection

9 mini arcade games in one! sheer fun

It is a collection of some very good mini arcade games where every game is a complete package of unique fun and thrill. There are 9 games in total that have been incorporated on a single platform and all of them will be played separately. In this collection, you have games like Ricochet which is based on a theme of intergalactic coordination, and then you have Kung Fu Coffee which involves punching and destroying office chairs and furniture. Similarly the action also involves shooting games, a fishing game, a nailing game and some other distinct variety of games which won't let you bore even one bit. DeBugger is my favorite in the collection which involves a robotic reptile who must eat all the insects that appear on the screen. What's most exciting about this collection is that every game gives you a new theme and has its own variety of features which are quite distinct from each other. They have synchronized all the games in such a wonderful manner that all the games work fine and the gameplay in all of them is very smooth. The graphics are also very good and the controls work absolutely fine. All 9 games in it have their unique features and are very addictive in their individual capacity.

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