NCAA: Road to the Final Four 2

Sport 1994 Dos Bethesda Softworks Basketball

Arcade basketball, interesting technology wise

In NCAA: Road to the Final Four 2 the development of 2D basketball was fast approaching its limits, or rather, a new way to go about such games was to be reached. Even more interesting about this game is that it was developed by Beth Soft, you know, the developers of Elder Scrolls RPGs. But leaving aside the weirdness of the new digitization technique for sounds and video, the game is still playable, though certainly its allure and strangeness cannot be escaped. So, if you've played, say, a more vanilla basketball game you will find that NCAA: Road to the Final Four 2 plays mostly like that, with simple controls and many phases of the game that are automatic. So yeah, it's strange but in a good way and very playable as well, which makes up for the strange production value. So do give it a try, at least to sample the very early period of digitization in video games. However, when that digital wonderlust fades, the game will begin to reveal its limitations: it is a very simple, very mechanical product, really just the barebones of such experiences.

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