Sport 1994 Dos Dosbox GTE Entertainment Basketball

Basketball arcader with good graphics

This game will pit you in one on one matches and in a few other types of street like basketball encounters. Therefore, it offers what feels like mini games all centered around basketball. The controls are simple, two buttons and the left, right, up, down controls. Graphically, you can expect something that looks like an 8bit era brawler, which is not too appealing but neither anything to take you out of the playing groove. Tackling your adversary is a feature which seems a bit aggressive, as it is animated like a kick move. Definitely, while you are playing against a woman character, you might feel as if you do not want to make too much use of this, but, well, if that is what the game offers, that is what you should! At any rate, if you want a more complex game of basketball, also featuring mini games, College Slam might be a much more fun experience, but if this game captured your attention, know that it is not the best nor the worst out there. However, I find it hard to recommend it wholeheartedly.

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