Spy vs Spy 3: Arctic Antics

Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Epyx Humorous

Black and White's trilogy ender is the problem child!

This game is part of a 3 game series that was looking to take two cartoon characters, Black and White and turn them into digital format superstars. Unfortunately though, the game here is by far the least polished and nicely crafted of the three, and this in turn makes hardcore fans snide, but for good reason! Yeah, the dual screen and different play styles per player are all there, but, nevertheless, the game has enough diverse content in it to make it all worthwhile. What it might not offer you is the ability to sink in any of the stages of the game, as the interconnected rooms and the gameplay attached to them is not as easily translated from stage to stage. At any rate, as the spy, you'll have to locate the thief, but it has to be done in a timely and efficient manner, while avoiding capture. It sounds a bit messy, but at least in the earlier titles the interactions were a lot more polished. So, in truth, you'd be better off playing the older titles in the series while only trying this one if you feel like you can take a rougher around the edges kind of game.

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