NetStorm - Islands at War

Strategy 1997 Windows Activision Real time Isometric

Interesting, different RTS, well playable

NetStorm - Islands at War is set in a world where continents have disappeared, only a few islands having survived. And get this, these islands are floating in mid air, being able to move around. At any rate, ski bound or not, the hunt for resources is more high level than ever. Nonetheless, Islands at War still manages to be a captivating RPG, even if a bit different gameplay wise than most others. Your gameplay shares similarities to vanilla RTSes, such as building of structures (in this game they are bound to your starting islet) and then these allow you to build more unmovable structures on nearby islands. Basically, the islands will act as movable units. So, when you think you have amassed a sufficiently developed network of islands, your goal is to go and capture the enemy's priest units. There are some other building elements to the game (such as the building of sky bridges) but, all things considered, the kind of strategic thinking that would allow you to win a classic vanilla strategy game will prove usable in NetStorm as well. The game also uses a RPG like climbing ladder, which allows you to evolve your units (up to 43 levels). So, yeah, a different strategy game, though the single player campaign is pretty short and undeveloped, and playing the game in multi (as it was mainly intended) can be a bit tricky but not impossible. Try it, along with, say, Corsairs: Conquest at Sea, which is a somewhat similar sea bound RTS.

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