Keys to Maramon, The

RPG 1990 Dos Mindcraft Top down Fantasy

Top down RPG, party, rather lite... but good!

The Keys to Maramon is a totally playable, and, frankly enjoyable top down role player. Frankly, I've played so many games that apparently had the same recipe but turned out to be quite bare and uninteresting that, in all actuality, The Keys to Maramon is really good in comparison. It is, if you will, like a tuned down Ultima game, but not in a bad, way. For instance, your party can have no more than...1 member, you, at any time, which is not such an issues, and also it reduces the stresses of keeping a whole gang supplied and ready to fight. It also reduces the complexity of the game, but, rather for the better, since I can't imagine that this one's engine and girth of story would have supported a larger number of characters. At any rate, the fights and especially the spellcasting are pretty bare, but they do manage to be alright, in the long run, and so, what can I say, if you want a sturdy top down RPG, lite but fun, one that you won't really grow attached to, this oldie is a perfectly valid choice. Play it!

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