Strategy 1999 Windows Sierra On-Line Real time Science Fiction

Beautiful strategy in space in real time

Homeworld is a lovely real time strategy set in space, a game that will engage you strategically, tactically, that will ask you to really twist your mind as much as you can. For games from the era when this one was deployed, it sure has really great graphics , especially for a space game, where it could have easily just done away with a lot less detail and sharp objects. Homeworld is also a game that packs a lot of content and features. The included missions will keep you occupied for weeks on end, and it will sure be worth it. What the game also has a lot of is enemy races, with which you can get into combat, but also can go about to cooperate or sign peace treaties. Yes, while real time in the tactical portion, it almost has wargame depths, strategically wise. Play it, and see the next installment in the series as well, just as great a game as this one. Also, pay attention to the story the game delivers, as it creates a really interesting universe to lose yourself into. PLus, for tacticians and for strategists it really is a treat.

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