Official Formula One Racing

Racing 1999 Windows Eidos Formula one Driving

You will cherish it

Official Formula One Racing is a 1999 racing game created for all those that consider the Formula 1 concept a fascinating one. It is known that Formula 1 world is evolving, from the circuits and teams points of view. Of course, the computer games are also playing an important part of this evolution. Official Formula One Racing is a game you will cherish, for sure, especially for its great attention to details. The vehicle you are going to drive is pretty fast and agile, but before starting to prove that you are a real talented driver, you have to choose your team and the opponent one. You will find out interesting facts about the F1 pilots. While racing, be careful not to cause too much damage to your car, because you may remain without a tire or without other important components. If you seriously crash your vehicle, the crew will be there to fix it. You will have at your disposal the practice mode, where you can train for the big races. The more interesting feature is the possibility to skim over the routes from a helicopter, to get accustomed. The configuration of your car is complex, because there are many things to adjust. The graphics have a medium quality, but they look good. The engine is the general sound you will get used to throughout the gameplay, but fortunately, its repetitive aspect will be cancelled by the commentaries or messages you will hear and receive. Overall, this game deserves to be in your racing games collection!

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