CART Precision Racing

Racing 1997 Windows Microsoft Formula one Driving

Very precise and authentic

This is but one of many racing game of the nineties (Daytona USA, Need For Speed and Street Rod, just to name a few), but in my opinion, this is one of the better ones. What I really liked is the view of the game - you see the track from the view of the game driver, and the view is really good because the 3D rendering and great animation really help to improve the experience. The game runs very smoothly and looks very realistic. You can choose to play as one of the many very famous drivers and on over 20 different tracks, so the fun never ends. Both the cars and drivers are taken from the 1997 CART season. There is no music playing while you're driving - just the sounds of engine running, tires squeaking and brakes working. Which, unnusualy, is really better for this game. It makes it more authentic. This is one of the better racing games out there and I think that all racing fans should check it our.

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