Formula 1

Racing 1996 Windows Psygnosis Formula one

Fast paced, modern, 3D Formula 1 racer

For a game released in 1996, Formula 1 (Psygnosis, 1996) stands its ground really well. It is a genuine 3D game, with really well produced cars and tracks and the graphical level seems to be ahead of its time. Also, the way the cars behave is really interesting, the simulation being a really believable one. Sure, don't expect a 1 on 1 copy in realism, but for its time, this game was really well put tighter. In terms of types of races, you do have a satisfying amount of options: you can play a single race, or you can compete in longer lived competitions that will test your endurance as well. The game can thus be a great alternative if you were looking for a fast paced, modern looking racer, but your PC or laptop is not that powerful. This game can stand its ground along Formula 1 Grand Prix, a great game of the era, or even modern F1 racers, 2000 and even more recent. So, no matter why you pick it up, you can be sure that it will deliver, which is why you'll want to try it out in the first place.

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