Total Football Management

Sport 1996 Windows Europress Soccer

Best football simulation...

It is one of the best simulations based on the real world of soccer. The dynamics of soccer management that are involved here are quite extensive and you cannot normally find such a vast range in a single game. You have a football club team to run and have all the authorities and controls go do so. The thing that you will need go do includes players hiring, trainings, contracting and transferring, performance evaluations, building stadiums and infrastructure, merchandising and promotions. All these features have been incorporated with details which makes the game very interesting and full of replay value. It has an extensive database which contains team profiles and player profiles along with details such as high scorers etc. This database allows you to take a lot of decisions. Coming to the on pitch action in the game, it is great because it is supported by 3D graphics and has many camera angles for viewing the gameplay. The background details and the music is also very good and the A1 is simply outstanding. The user interface could have been better but is still good enough. The game is really what you say a top notch thriller in its category. Lovers of Actua Soccer will love this one.

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