Cool World

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Ocean Platformer Cartoon

Follows the not that great Who Framed Roger Rabbit game

Cool World is a sidescroller adventure, but it also has portions that tilt this original gameplay style and make it more like a traditional top down or similar. Well, there are four big stages to go through, each one with its own cartoon enemies, with its sidescroller and platformer challenges and so on. The idea behind it all is to find and stop the diva that is Holli from taking her plans to fruition, which is, for all intents and purposes to evade the confines of the cartoon world and enter into the flesh and blood world. The game is quite fast, though not very fast, it also has stages that can be a little bit too difficult and too unforgiving, though not in a fair way. Some enemy placements are really bothersome and, for the most part, graphically, the backgrounds are too repetitive and too uninspired. But that too happened in the not that great Who Framed Roger Rabbit. As you'd have it, the game is thus kind of disappointing. I didn't like Roger's adventure much, but I must say that this one I liked even less...

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