Race the Nags

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Dick Olsen Horses Strategic scope

Horse racing game with a tactical side to it

Horse racing might not be for everyone, and that is because, from the outside these kind of races might seem kind of random. But, when a game manages to capture the manner in which a good jockey and a top shape horse interact to win a race, something magic happens: the game begins to make sense, and it turns from being just another button masher to a game in which you can actually put some thinking into. To a point, Race the Nags manages to create that feeling that you are in control, in the sense that there are options to meddle with that can directly influence how you will fair in an event. But, as always, the sense that maybe you don't really have so much control over the situation will at one point or another creep in. So, it is a hard choice for you to make. Graphically, you shouldn't expect too much: the game's looks are ok, functional. You see the grid from a forced top down perspective and you get a long list of events being narrated in a box. So, this isn't a graphical exquisite game, but, as I said, its appeal is in the simulation rather than in the way it is presented. So give it a try.

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