Pinball Dreams Deluxe

Simulation 1994 Dos Spidersoft Limited Pinball

One of the most entertaining 2D pinball games ever!

Pinball Dreams Deluxe is one of my most favorite pinball games of the mid 90s era; the graphics had evolved a lot, the tables and the physics could go in any direction the developers wanted, more realistic, more cartoon oriented, more feel oriented or whatever other direction. Well, Pinball Dreams Deluxe chooses realism for the physics, and is definitely original and well produced in terms of the actual tables you'll play on top of. So, what you'll love about this game is the fact that it is just fun to play. The tables are well produced, with elements that are directly inspired by real world pinball, and also, they have advanced systems of collision, beautiful advancements on the table, and al sort of secrets and multipliers that are just great to shoot for. Plus, the controls work so fine it's just the kind of game you'll play once and always have installed and ready to go. Definitely worth it, most definitely. A better (or rather, just as good!) alternative is Pinball Illusions that has a similar build and just as creative (if not as cartoonish realist) tables. Fun, fun, fun!

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