Simulation 2000 Windows Dosbox Kris Asick Futuristic Shooter

Horizontal shooter of future toy space ships

The year is 2079 and the humanity has progressed technologically so that remote controlled cars or little helicopters are no longer the bomb! The bomb is space ship racing, with little models of space ships! Now that's decadence! So, the game, while pretty basic graphically, delivered mostly in 2D black and white, is also very satisfying and well done. You goal is to race your sidescrolling horizontal little ship to get ahead of the other ships. This is going to be a little difficult, but it is also very much fun; the game controls easily, and it's got a pretty stable and easily controllable set of ships to choose from. Another cool thing about the game is that you can fire at other ships, and this can be very entertaining. Also, what makes the game really cool is the fact that you will be attacked by swarms of enemies as well as individual enemies. Also, the amount of power-ups is large enough to keep you waiting for more! So, when a beast such as R Type proves too difficult, try PixelShips; it's still serious, yet much easier to play, overall.

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