Player of the Year

Sport 1996 Windows Philips Interactive Soccer

Fun soccer and soccer management game

Soccer managment games are generally meant to let you manage a team. What about focusing on a player career? Player of the year gives you this possibility! The game is not a conventional football manager and has some diverse elements to the gameplay. The game can not only be played as the football manager but also as the player to get into real action. As a player, you target will be to go from division 3 to the premier league to establish yourself as the player of the year and make the team win matches. You will put yourself on trade and will run the team to which you sell yourself. It also a tactical scope to it because you need to be careful about which player you buy. As the manager, you will perform the key functions of the manager and will not take part in the action. Trade and train players, manage the operations and finances of the team and do many other things. Both the season mode and the campaign mode are very good and diverse and the interface is very simple and allows you to exercise all the options easily. The graphics are very well defined in terms of the character modelling, the stadium modelling and the backgrounds. The Controls run smooth and are responsive for some good action. Microsoft Soccer seems to have the same level of fun but both are underrated games.

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