Action 1995 Dos Dosbox GT Interactive Cartoon Platformer

Beautifully drawn Disney platformer adventure

Pocahontas, along with Asterix and Obelix and The Lion King make up a trio of games that I've played as a kid, platformer games that were developed along with the animated series which had a very interesting appeal for me. This was so because the games were beautifully drawn, with environments that were hand drawn and with animations that were vivid and cartoonish. Also, the games, which looked child-like and very engaging, especially for those of us that were consumers of Disney cartoons, were elaborate, with well put together levels and escalating difficulty levels that allowed you the time to learn how to play. Pocahontas is thus a great moment from my childhood, a game that engaged me emotionally as well as gameplay wise. Nope, just because you control a women doesn't mean that the game is not challenging. There are a lot of enemies to dodge, a lot of platforms to tackle and also, a storyline that follows that of the animation feature film. So, for best results, and for the most engagement, you should give this game a try after you see the movie. Then the story of the game will become a lot more clear and your engagement will be furthermore enhanced.

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