F1 Racing Simulation

Racing 1997 Windows UBI Soft Formula one Car simulation

Not the most original F1 racer, but playable

F1 Racing Simulation is a bit on the blander side of high speed formula 1 racing. It's not that it is a bad game, but yet again, it is the kind of okay, not too personal experience that is easily forgotten, easily replaceable. Anyway, you get to choose with which team to race with, and you get to test your car before, having enough options at your disposal to tune the car depending on the circuit you'll be playing at. Also, the competition is nothing special: you pick against how many other vehicles to go against, and then it's on to the races. The AI won't create any issues for you, at least for the mid level difficulty, but the later stages are a bit unforgiving, a bit on the harder side of things. As you'd expect, the game has nice, realistic graphics, though the realism is a bit hindered by the fact that the sound of all engines is the same, while the circuits, while different, do make use fo very similar side views. So, while I guess this game is okay, I find it hard to recommend it to anyone that has enough of a PC to run later simulators. Power f1 for instance, while being just as simple in form, for some reason made me feel a bit more immersed in the game, for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. Anyway, give them both a go, they're functional, vanilla F1 racers.

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