Project: Snowblind

Action 2005 Windows Eidos Shooter

Saving the world in style

An ambitious sort of game, Project: Snowblind plays out like a mix of classic titles like Midwinter 2 and more modern games such as Deus Ex. It's a bold attempt at doing something different and while it doesn't all quite come off, it remains an intriguing game which is worth adding to the collection. The game is set in the year 2065 and finds the player in control of super spy Nathan Frost, a cybernetically enhanced badass who finds himself sent to Hong Kong to stop a deadly terrorist plot to shut down the world's electronics. What follows is a twisty turny science fiction tale which plays out very much like the aforementioned Deus Ex, being a first-person action adventure where you must complete a challenging set of missions while making use of a variety of cybernetic gadgets like cloaking devices, alongside more traditional sci-fi FPS weapons while you also have the ability to take over robots and pilot a range of vehicles. For the most part, this remains a first class experience. It's only real flaw is a general lack of charm and personality but if you can get past this fairly minor problem, then you're in for a good time. There's a huge to see and do here, with a range of challenging missions that will keep you on for toes and which make for a genuinely thrilling adventure. The variety of gadgets and gear along with the satisfying weapons also means there's plenty of choice in terms of how you approach things while the vehicles are just the icing on the cake. A top notch romp.

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