Project Nomads

Action 2002 Windows 1C Company

A fascinating futuristic world

Project Nomads is a 2002 adventure action strategy game that brings a fascinating futuristic universe. The planet you live on is devastated, and all that's left are small islands, that float around. One of those thousand islands is yours, where you can navigate, build gun turrets, windmills, storage-silos, etc., and other sorts of buildings (that generate energy) with the help of some artefacts (in the game there are two types: blue and red). Briefly, you have to manage your small world, defending yourself and the island from the enemy attacks (and there aren't few!), by casting spells, with the aid of your turrets and other weaponry. You can choose to play as one of the three survivors (the beautiful Susie, intelligent John, or powerful Goliath), each of them presenting you different sets of buildings that can be accessed throughout the game. Beside walking or running, you can use your backpack to perform high jumps or to fly. The magical aspect is represented by some spells (very few, unfortunately), that can be cast. As I was advancing in the game, I realised that your freedom of action looked promising at the beginning, but in fact, nothing is true. Your possibilities are limited, and some of them could have made this game extremely well-designed. But the graphics are absorbing, the sound effects as well, so the general atmosphere will convince you that Project Nomads is worth your time. Have fun!

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